Monday, October 1, 2012

Orchard Corset: Get Your Head in the Game

When we last met, we were finishing up the skirt. It's a basic elastic waist skirt, so sew up your side seams, sew a channel in the top, throw in your elastic and you're done! Woo. 

Put that thing on and do some celebratory twirling, because we've made a skirt! With that done, it's time to tackle the monster of this costume, starting with the head. After much brainstorming about how to construct the hat, I finally decided to use an old baseball cap as a base. It will provide a nice platform for that big 'ol monster snout. 

Here's a picture of me in an awesome cat hat. Thank you, cat hat, you're about to be sacrificed for the sake of cosplay and costuming. After trying on my hat, I realized that the bill stuck out too much than my vision for my monster snout. So, I took a nice pair of super scissors and trimmed it down. 

There, much better. Now, to give our monster a big, poofy snout, we're going to need to build up something on the bill. I made a fabric sausage for this. Simply roll up some fiberfill into a piece of scrap fabric. 

I folded the ends in nicely, then pinned the whole thing. Carefully arrange it to your liking, then sew it to the hat. 

Flip it over and get out a piece of red felt. We'll be using the felt to cover the underside of the bill. To do this, I used fabric glue, covered the underside of the bill, and pressed the felt into it. When it was mostly dry, I cut away the excess. 

While you let that dry, grab some white felt and cut out some sharp little teeth! I used that semi-stiff white felt with the super fine glitter specks in it. Just because you're a monster, doesn't mean you can't have shiny teeth! Oral hygiene is for us all, haha. 

I used the same fabric glue to attach the teeth. We'll be sewing them down later, but I like the stability. Remember all that green fabric we painted? We're going to need that now. Cut off a chunk of fabric long enough to cover the brim. I folded over the edge and lined it up with my teeth at the edge of the snout, then pinned it in place.

Once I had the bottom pinned, I set about getting the top arranged. Then I got needle and thread and sewed along the edge with the teeth, careful not to let much of the thread show. The trick is tiny stitches. To finish off the edge  and to give our monster some gums for those teeth to come out of, I glued a strip of felt to the outside.

Come back tomorrow for more! <3


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