Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orchard Corset Design

Who's ready to get their Halloween on? Some of you have had your Halloween costumes ready for months, but for those of you still deciding, let me offer some help!
Ladies, it's really fun and easy to start a costume around a corset! You'll have an excuse to add a wonderful accessory to your wardrobe, and you'll give yourself a wonderful foundation for costumes to come.
I'd like to recommend checking out Orchard Corsets - not only do they carry ALL SORTS of beautiful corsets and shapewear, but they are a proud partner of the The D20 Girls Project. Beautiful work and nerd support! (See what I did there? Corsets are support/shapewear. Word play) But, in all seriousness, please check them out!
♥ I have been granted an awesome opportunity to make a Halloween costume out of one of Orchard Corset's corsets! I will be blogging and recording my process of creating my design. So, you can get inspired, or you can play along at home! ♥
There are two other lovely D20 Girls involved in this project! I will share thier work as it comes in.
My design is called: "I'm Huge in Japan"
A corseted tribute to the movie monsters and city-destroying fun they bring. Nerdy, while still being easily recognized, this costume is a fun way to “destroy” the competition at your next costume contest or Halloween party. The costume consists of two parts: Monster/Godzilla/etc part and the city part. The top half is the monster, while the skirt and tights represents the city your (adorable) monster is rampaging through.


  1. This is brilliant. It would work double for me since I am super tall and always joke about going to Japan and getting the whole "Godzilla!" thing from the folks who live there. I may have to do something like this. Thank you for inspiration :)

    1. Hahaha! I know - I'm not even *that* tall, but I felt giant in Japan.

      Glad you were inspired. :D
      If you do make something, I'd love to see it!