Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orchard Corset: Set the World on Fire!

Welcome back. As I said yesterday, we're going to take all that work we did yesterday and set it on fire!
First, take your painted skirt fabric and hem the bottom edge. Now, to achieve our awesome flame effect, we're going to use those rolls of organza. We're going to start with the red. Take a hand sewing needle and a long length of thread (as long as the width of your skirt). Then run your needle in and out of the red fabric making big stitches all the way down the whole roll. Pull the tread and you'll notice the red gathers! Magic. Now, arrange your gathers nicely and pin to the bottom of the skirt. Once its nicely arranged, run that through your sewing machine and stitch it down. 

Now you look like a smoky Christmas tree. But, worry not. It gets better. I had originally planned to have a layer of red, orange, and yellow, but it got fluffier than I wanted. So, I skipped the orange layer. Now, repeat the process of gathering with the yellow. 

Ruffle, pin, sew. Okay. Luckily, my yellow turned out to be REALLY thin, so I got the orange effect after all! Now, you have two layers of "fire." Our next step is to attack it with a scissor. Flame is wild, random and crazy, not neatly ruffled. Snip away at your layers until it resembles flame. 

See the difference? Good. You'll make a huge mess, but at the end you'll have a really cool flame border at the bottom of your skirt. 

Now, take a breather, clean up your scraps, and come back with all your cute little buildings. Now comes the part I was waiting for. Lay out your skirt fabric and place all your little buildings! 

Once you're satisfied with the placement, pin them down securely. 

Then sew! Go around at least the two sides and top of each building. You want to make sure you don't sew down any of your flames. 

Tomorrow we'll finish the skirt! <3

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