Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orchard Corset: Gathering the Supplies

 I have been granted an awesome opportunity to make a Halloween costume out of one of Orchard Corset's corsets! I will be blogging and recording my process of creating this design. So, you can get inspired - or play along at home!  

Step one of any costume is to choose/create/design/dream your design. Done! As you know, from previous posts (or my Facebook page, if you're just joining me here), I have the privilege of making my Godzilla/Movie-Monster-inspired design come to life - just in time for Halloween! If you're gearing up for everybody cosplay day Halloween but haven't decided on what to do - why not check out Orchard Corset's website and get inspired like I did!

If you're interested in creating my costume, I used CS-M112, a steel-boned, green and black brocade over-bust corset.

Once you've decided on that the next step is to evaluate the project ahead. Take your measurements, get a pattern - figure out how much fabric you're going to need.

Then, take a trip to your local fabric store. I had a lot of fun with this step, as I wore my beautiful corset (hey! I had to make sure the colors worked!). 

For this project you're going to need:


Green fabric for the hood and tail back-piece, as well as for the gloves. I chose a jersey knit. (2 yards)
Black or dark grey fabric for the skirt. I went with a micro suede, because we're going to be painting on it (enough to make a full skirt, take your measurements)
Grey felt (For our buildings, I got 1/2 yard)
Red, orange, and yellow Organza. They sell it on rolls at JoAnn's for like $2.50 a roll. 


Ribbon, for making scales (I love texture)
Acrylic paint in black and white for the smoke
Elastic, for the skirt
Black, glitter, white, and yellow fabric paint 
Velcro, Shoe-string (we'll get to that all later)


a cute bow-tie, because I could! Quick disclaimer - there will be more on this shopping list, and I will update it as progress continues. Support your craft stores! :3

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  1. I feel so behind, I am getting my first blog up this weekend. I will probably put mine up on the D20 site. I was gonna start a new blog site, but I haven't gotten around to it! LOL