Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orchard Corset: Channel Your Inner Pollock!

So, you have all your fabric gathered. What's next? 

The green I picked out is as bright as the green on the corset. The "problem" is, the corset is covered in a beautiful brocade and my fabric is just... green. My fabric is WAY too plain. Luckily, with nothing more than a spray bottle, water, and acrylic paint, we can add some visual interest. 

If you have high-winds or goats, like I do, weight down your fabric! Concrete blocks, bricks, or an ammo-can does the trick. 

Start spraying away! When you reach the bottom of the bottle, just shake the liquid out Jackson Pollock-style. Now, let that dry.

Moving along on our fabric painting journey, we arrive on the skirt. Pull out your back fabric and place it on your paint-ready surface. This applies more finesse than the spray bottle, so I've gotten cardboard instead of just dirt.

All that this project takes is water, acrylic paint, and a sponge. I put my paint in an empty bowl, then slowly added water to it to control the opacity. Sponge away!

 I was going for a gritty, smokey, ashes and debris in the air feeling. Remember, you're a monster on a rampage, your city won't be squeaky clean!

To get the "ashes and embers" effect, I lightly hit a couple areas with some yellow spray paint to get a hot glow.

It was so windy today that when I finished painting, I hung it over a tree branch, and it dried in minutes!

The fun doesn't stop, so while you wait for your fabric to dry, pop inside and start working on the cute little buildings that are about to become your monster's playground.

To make your buildings, simply cut shapes out of grey felt, then decorate them with fabric paint. I made bridges, skyscrapers, and even little studios! Personalizing elements of your costume makes it uniquely YOURS. :) Have fun creating your city. I sure did!

Stay tuned for next time, when I set it all on fire! :)

(with fabric, not literally)


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