Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's Get it Started

Here you'll find the cosplay adventures of Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking. I had been posting my cosplay posts over at my art blog, http://katherinestocking.blogspot.com/, but I'm opening a brand-new cosplay-only blog! Woo!

Forged in the creative and chaotic worlds of Girl Scouts, being a Military brat, and studying in the Los Angeles animation scene, Katherine is one eclectic girl (and is loving it!). A digital artist and traditional crafter, Katherine enjoys art, cosplay, iguanas, okapi, sloths, and the monsters under her bed.

Katherine "MayugeSeishou" Stocking is a proud D20 girl and a rep of the League of Hot Geeks!

I am available for photo shoots. I am currently based in the Los Angeles area.


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