Saturday, September 29, 2012

Almost Nerdy: Cosplayer of the Week

This week, I am the Cosplayer of the Week over at Almost Each week they feature and interview a cosplayer, and I am honored to join the ranks. Michelle Simpson, who conducts the interviews is funny, fresh, and genuine. It was a great experience. Thank you, Almost Nerdy! I certainly "release my inner nerd!"

You can read the full interview here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orchard Corset: Set the World on Fire!

Welcome back. As I said yesterday, we're going to take all that work we did yesterday and set it on fire!
First, take your painted skirt fabric and hem the bottom edge. Now, to achieve our awesome flame effect, we're going to use those rolls of organza. We're going to start with the red. Take a hand sewing needle and a long length of thread (as long as the width of your skirt). Then run your needle in and out of the red fabric making big stitches all the way down the whole roll. Pull the tread and you'll notice the red gathers! Magic. Now, arrange your gathers nicely and pin to the bottom of the skirt. Once its nicely arranged, run that through your sewing machine and stitch it down. 

Now you look like a smoky Christmas tree. But, worry not. It gets better. I had originally planned to have a layer of red, orange, and yellow, but it got fluffier than I wanted. So, I skipped the orange layer. Now, repeat the process of gathering with the yellow. 

Ruffle, pin, sew. Okay. Luckily, my yellow turned out to be REALLY thin, so I got the orange effect after all! Now, you have two layers of "fire." Our next step is to attack it with a scissor. Flame is wild, random and crazy, not neatly ruffled. Snip away at your layers until it resembles flame. 

See the difference? Good. You'll make a huge mess, but at the end you'll have a really cool flame border at the bottom of your skirt. 

Now, take a breather, clean up your scraps, and come back with all your cute little buildings. Now comes the part I was waiting for. Lay out your skirt fabric and place all your little buildings! 

Once you're satisfied with the placement, pin them down securely. 

Then sew! Go around at least the two sides and top of each building. You want to make sure you don't sew down any of your flames. 

Tomorrow we'll finish the skirt! <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orchard Corset: Channel Your Inner Pollock!

So, you have all your fabric gathered. What's next? 

The green I picked out is as bright as the green on the corset. The "problem" is, the corset is covered in a beautiful brocade and my fabric is just... green. My fabric is WAY too plain. Luckily, with nothing more than a spray bottle, water, and acrylic paint, we can add some visual interest. 

If you have high-winds or goats, like I do, weight down your fabric! Concrete blocks, bricks, or an ammo-can does the trick. 

Start spraying away! When you reach the bottom of the bottle, just shake the liquid out Jackson Pollock-style. Now, let that dry.

Moving along on our fabric painting journey, we arrive on the skirt. Pull out your back fabric and place it on your paint-ready surface. This applies more finesse than the spray bottle, so I've gotten cardboard instead of just dirt.

All that this project takes is water, acrylic paint, and a sponge. I put my paint in an empty bowl, then slowly added water to it to control the opacity. Sponge away!

 I was going for a gritty, smokey, ashes and debris in the air feeling. Remember, you're a monster on a rampage, your city won't be squeaky clean!

To get the "ashes and embers" effect, I lightly hit a couple areas with some yellow spray paint to get a hot glow.

It was so windy today that when I finished painting, I hung it over a tree branch, and it dried in minutes!

The fun doesn't stop, so while you wait for your fabric to dry, pop inside and start working on the cute little buildings that are about to become your monster's playground.

To make your buildings, simply cut shapes out of grey felt, then decorate them with fabric paint. I made bridges, skyscrapers, and even little studios! Personalizing elements of your costume makes it uniquely YOURS. :) Have fun creating your city. I sure did!

Stay tuned for next time, when I set it all on fire! :)

(with fabric, not literally)

Orchard Corset: Gathering the Supplies

 I have been granted an awesome opportunity to make a Halloween costume out of one of Orchard Corset's corsets! I will be blogging and recording my process of creating this design. So, you can get inspired - or play along at home!  

Step one of any costume is to choose/create/design/dream your design. Done! As you know, from previous posts (or my Facebook page, if you're just joining me here), I have the privilege of making my Godzilla/Movie-Monster-inspired design come to life - just in time for Halloween! If you're gearing up for everybody cosplay day Halloween but haven't decided on what to do - why not check out Orchard Corset's website and get inspired like I did!

If you're interested in creating my costume, I used CS-M112, a steel-boned, green and black brocade over-bust corset.

Once you've decided on that the next step is to evaluate the project ahead. Take your measurements, get a pattern - figure out how much fabric you're going to need.

Then, take a trip to your local fabric store. I had a lot of fun with this step, as I wore my beautiful corset (hey! I had to make sure the colors worked!). 

For this project you're going to need:


Green fabric for the hood and tail back-piece, as well as for the gloves. I chose a jersey knit. (2 yards)
Black or dark grey fabric for the skirt. I went with a micro suede, because we're going to be painting on it (enough to make a full skirt, take your measurements)
Grey felt (For our buildings, I got 1/2 yard)
Red, orange, and yellow Organza. They sell it on rolls at JoAnn's for like $2.50 a roll. 


Ribbon, for making scales (I love texture)
Acrylic paint in black and white for the smoke
Elastic, for the skirt
Black, glitter, white, and yellow fabric paint 
Velcro, Shoe-string (we'll get to that all later)


a cute bow-tie, because I could! Quick disclaimer - there will be more on this shopping list, and I will update it as progress continues. Support your craft stores! :3

Orchard Corset Design

Who's ready to get their Halloween on? Some of you have had your Halloween costumes ready for months, but for those of you still deciding, let me offer some help!
Ladies, it's really fun and easy to start a costume around a corset! You'll have an excuse to add a wonderful accessory to your wardrobe, and you'll give yourself a wonderful foundation for costumes to come.
I'd like to recommend checking out Orchard Corsets - not only do they carry ALL SORTS of beautiful corsets and shapewear, but they are a proud partner of the The D20 Girls Project. Beautiful work and nerd support! (See what I did there? Corsets are support/shapewear. Word play) But, in all seriousness, please check them out!
♥ I have been granted an awesome opportunity to make a Halloween costume out of one of Orchard Corset's corsets! I will be blogging and recording my process of creating my design. So, you can get inspired, or you can play along at home! ♥
There are two other lovely D20 Girls involved in this project! I will share thier work as it comes in.
My design is called: "I'm Huge in Japan"
A corseted tribute to the movie monsters and city-destroying fun they bring. Nerdy, while still being easily recognized, this costume is a fun way to “destroy” the competition at your next costume contest or Halloween party. The costume consists of two parts: Monster/Godzilla/etc part and the city part. The top half is the monster, while the skirt and tights represents the city your (adorable) monster is rampaging through.

Gotta Wear 'Em All!

You've all seen gijinkas. It's the craze of taking a character, most commonly pokemon, and adapting their physical attributes into fashion/costume/design. 
I did these as a collaboration with Eddie (
 He designed them, I illustrated them. 

Psyduck for Chiki Cosplay
Tentacruel and Tentacool (and late night drawing)

Next Generation of Eevees
The Original Design; the poof and arm covers were scrapped.
Me as Meowth at AWA11

That's Right!

That's Right!

Costume Box

These are taken from my facebook page (which you can go to for more info and photoshoots): I'm also editing this post to include an illustration that I recently did that has me and my "costume box". I thought it was a cute and nifty way to celebrate over 24 costumes! 

Here are 90% of the costumes I've done over my cosplay career. I've paired them with a picture of the source material (click to see larger). I think it's a nifty way to see cosplay shots. These are also in no particular order.